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 is misunderstood by people who do not box.

Boxing is the ultimate sport for countering stress. The combination of strength training and aerobic workout provides the best of both worlds in terms of feeling a muscular pump and stimulating the cardiovascular system - both of which enhance your well-being.

Oxford Boxing Academy moved to it's new premises near John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford in September 2011. Our new premises is now a full time Boxing and Fitness Gym,

We cater for men, women and children of all skill and fitness levels. Non Contact training sessions are specifically designed for each group, from Juniors to adults Male and Female.

Our fully qualified coaches have all previously trained and competed at high level. We feel that it is important that you have confidence in knowing that your instructor has been through a rigorous training regime himself.     .

It is impossible to understand and appreciate boxing training, until you have stepped into Oxford Boxing Academy and experienced the sport first hand!

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